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SMS-Messaging services are managed with integrity and comply with PhonepayPlus Regulations at all times. Our clean track record has ensured a large roster of satisfied successful clients.
ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized Quality Management System standards certification - ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized Security standards certification
X-on are members of CISAS, an independent dispute resolution service for communications providers and their customers

SMS-Messaging Bulk and Premium SMS Services

Email, Phone and SMS Communications Integration

SMS messaging has become the universal tool for communication for both the public and business alike. The ease and portability of communication via the mobile phone has ensured the success of SMS messaging for the foreseeable future. SMS messaging can be integrated with other formats such as Email and Instant Messaging (IM) providing users with greater flexibility in communications.

Bulk SMS Solutions

Bulk SMS is an ideal mechanism for informing customers and staff of recent company developments and changes. We can provide Bulk SMS at very competitive pricing, allowing you to send and receive large volumes of text messages, and providing bespoke and cost effective communications.

Bulk SMS and Premium Rate SMS integrated with Voice, Email and Data

Bulk SMS can inform staff of company procedure changes and product availability, plus keep customers informed of product development and company news.

Premium Rate SMS

Premium Rate SMS and MMS messaging allows business to generate revenue at the same time as entertaining and informing the market. On-pack competitions for example provide an excellent marketing opportunity combined with the ability to fund the promotion or even generate an income stream.

Multimedia Messaging

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) enabled mobile phones can receive images, audio and video. MMS means new products and services can be described visually and consequently easily and accurately. Sending a photo assists staff or customers in understanding and visualising a product. This is useful in discussions on new products and available options, or if choosing suppliers.

SMS Services

Email to SMS, SMS to Email, SMS to Voice, IM/SMS integration, SMS Vouchers, Text Order and Appointment Reminders all demonstrate the versatility of SMS messaging as a tool for increasing the scope of business communications.

Premium SMS Delivery

SMS-Messaging is a service provided by UK market leaders X-on. With data centres on several sites switching several million SMS and several million call minutes each month, X-on have the capacity and resilience to supply enterprise level corporate SMS solutions. X-on is located in a high-tec Suffolk office and data centre, and has extensive experience in providing hosted services to the largest UK corporations through to SMEs.

With direct connections to the UK Mobile Networks, and using UK routes, we ensure that your outbound SMS are delivered quickly and with extremely low failure rates.

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